Bracelets - Topaz

Bracelets with topaz delight with their color, they are a great gift idea, because they increase the self-confidence of every woman, delight with their charm and versatility.

Topaz as a unique stone in a bracelet

Topaz is a common mineral, used in many parts of the world, depending on its color, education and origin, it is sometimes referred to by various names, it often contains admixtures of iron, chromium, vanadium and titanium. Blue and yellow-orange specimens may sometimes exhibit the cat's eye effect. Topaz is found in acidic igneous rocks, mainly mined in Brazil.

Topaz is used in the production of refractory and abrasive materials and is a very attractive collector's stone. Used in jewelry, most often faceted, it takes a wide variety of colors, from red-brown, through red-pink and light blue, to green.

The pink, blue or honey topazes are the most sought after, but the dark yellow and pink ones are the most valuable. Topazes are often used as cheaper substitutes for aquamarines, colorless topazes are subjected to various temperatures or gamma radiation, thanks to which they acquire beautiful colors.

Topaz also has healing properties, helps in the treatment of asthma, fatigue and depression, and delays aging. It soothes gout, headaches, supports the treatment of tuberculosis, lowers blood pressure. It is an ideal stone for people who have difficulties establishing contacts and supports the realization of dreams. The stone gives strength to the person wearing it, surrounding it with a protective aura, it is a source of heat and light, used in the case of respiratory ailments and nervous system disorders. Topaz is said to have a beneficial effect on the treatment of nightmares, stimulates the appetite and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Bracelets with topaz in the AnKa Jewelry store

Topaz is a very universal stone, used for jewelry in our store, it will be perfect as an everyday decoration, but it will also delight with its elegance, it will be a beautiful jewelry during important dinners and special moments. This variety in our store will make every woman find something for herself. The bracelet will always be a timeless and successful gift idea for every demanding woman. Topaz is used for jewelery because of its color, it combines perfectly with silver, in our store silver jewelery is of high quality.