Bracelets with an emerald

Bracelets with an emerald are inherent in every modern woman, they complement the styling and complement the wardrobe, loved by most women because of their versatility and extraordinary simplicity.

Emerald and its properties

Emerald is a variety of beryllium minerals belonging to the group of silicates, its name comes from the Latin name "smaragdus", from the Greek "smaragdos" - a green gem, it refers to the characteristic color, it owes it to the presence of chromium ions.

The emerald is a very unique and valued collector's and jewelery stone, it was used already in ancient times, the largest of its specimen was found in Colombia.

Emeralds are precious stones that have healing properties, help in the treatment of influenza, improve memory, eliminate headaches, heal diabetes and strengthen the spine. They support patience and honesty, help with tantrums, also have aseptic properties, help with bites, inflammation, bacterial and viral infections. They also affect the kidneys, liver, bile ducts, teeth, heart, bones, promote growth and give good eyesight.

Currently, emeralds are also produced synthetically, they differ in the shape of inclusions, which allows them to be distinguished from the natural ones.

Bracelets with emeralds in the AnKa Jewelry store

Bracelets with emeralds in the AnKa Jewelery store are perfect as an effective addition to the styling, its name refers to the characteristic blue-green color.

Emerald goes well with any eye color, emphasizing their depth, looks interesting with any metal, but can also be a combination of beads.

In the AnKa Jewelery store, every woman will find something for herself or a loved one, bracelets with this stone are very universal, so they will always be a great gift.