Bracelets with carnelian

The carnelian bracelet looks great on a woman's wrist, it is effective jewelry that gives character to any styling, perfectly made with attention to every detail.

Carnelian and its properties

Carnelian, otherwise also Carniol, is a translucent variety of chalcedony with a red or orange color, its name probably comes from the Old French "cornele" - which means cornel fruit, it is a variety of quartz.

It is a precious stone from India and South Africa, it owes its color to an admixture of iron, the characteristic color of this stone allows it to be integrated into a variety of jewelry accessories.

Carnelian has a number of healing properties, such as: it soothes rheumatic ailments, works well for varicose veins, problems with circulation and lungs, it is recommended for asthmatics, thanks to which attacks are less frequent. It prevents all infections and infections, strengthens our immune system.

Carnelian has long been used in natural medicine, it promotes creative thinking, facilitates concentration, and introduces a balance between what is spiritual and what is material.

It promotes mental balance and overcomes the stress that causes insomnia.

Carnelian is also called a "stone of courage", it is said to work especially on relationships with the opposite sex, but also adds spontaneity, boldness, and openness. Carnelian is especially recommended for pessimists, it adds willingness to life and action.
Bracelets with carnelian in the AnKa Jewelry store

Carnelian bracelets in the AnKa Jewelery store have a very high quality and precise finish, we made sure that each bracelet was unique. These original bracelets will be a beautiful decoration for larger events, for work, but also for everyday use. Bracelets with carnelian in our store are jewelry for demanding women, but also an elegant accessory. We create bracelets with your needs in mind, it is a very feminine ornament that is not noticeable, but adds consistency and expression to the whole.